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Learn more: http://www.uwhealth.org/31529 A serious injury during a snowmobile race not only threatened Erika Rau's favorite activity but her life, as well. She was rushed to UW Hospital and Clinics in Madison, Wisconsin, for minimally-invasive, emergency heart surgery and is back on the trails today.

This exercise is good for overall abdominal development.

Resistance bands add extra resistance and varying difficulty to a traditional bench press.
One of OG's awesome group work outs utilizing the prowler and kettlebells. Mixing up activities and weights give you better results and use your time more efficiently.
This is how the OG works out five people at once- with an awesome circuit.
Proper form for this exercise which works your lower back muscles and abdominals.
Advanced training move demonstrated by the OG himself.
A group training in various ways.
A client demonstrates an outdoor circuit- keeping things moving and varied gets results more quickly.
Working out in a group pushes you to surpass your fitness limits and push to the next level.
This rockstar client is 70. The prowler is an amazing exercise for everyone.
Uploaded by Rob Kean on 2014-08-06.
This drill is especially great for soccer players, and develops speed and agility in athletes of all kinds.
This exercise helps with speed and explosive movement.
Chains added to the bench press accelerate your results by bringing you a faster pump and giving you strength and power.
A challenging exercise for core strength.
This exercise develops explosive power.