As a professional athlete I have worked with many trainers. Rob OG” Kean is at the top of that list. He put together an elite program for me that showed immediate results. I was able to become stronger, faster and more agile all while he pushed me mentally to places I never thought I could go. “OG” is a motivator and someone you need to get that perfect body and healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted.
— Derrick Mitchell, MLB outfielder
The OG Experience took me to the next level, along with my favorite product line Visalus. I have much more definition and have lost inches and toned right up. It’s amazing how Rob’s keep it simple style is so effective. I recommend the 333 plan. Thanks Rob for helping me help myself!
— MaryLou Nappi Farris, client
Rob’s keep-it-simple style works! I was skeptical of the online coaching scenario, because it was unfamiliar to me, but after following the plan closely- my photos speak for themselves! So excited to see how FAST I’ve seen results. I’m a believer because Rob believed in me and has been inspirational through this whole journey- thanks Rob! I will be hitting the stage for my show with confidence in May.
— Brittany Petrelli, bodybuilding competitor and client
The pictures tell the story: Rob made everything super easy and simple which has kept me on track and given me the results I’ve wanted. I have tried many different programs over the years, and the mental edge and group support you receive from the OG Experience puts you in a positive frame of mind that helps you believe in yourself and achieve your goals. Thanks to the OG Experience I believe nothing is impossible. I highly recommend the 333 plan.
— Adam Anderer, client
I started my weight loss journey April 2013 at my heaviest weight ever. I lost about 90 lbs and hit a plateau that I couldn’t seem to break and at that point was introduced to Rob. Working with Rob for approximately six months now my weight loss to date is 147 lbs with a goal of at least 53 more to lose. Rob’s “keep it simple” mentality makes it easier to stay focused and on track. After suffering 5 miscarriages I was off and on antidepressants, was on 3 blood pressure meds, and cholesterol meds. With Rob’s plan and encouragement I can now proudly say I am prescription medication free. Rob’s heart and passion truly shines and he is dedicated to anyone who is willing to take the steps to achieving their goals!!!
— Kathy England, client
My 90 day Challenge was to be a finalist for ViSalus’s ViModel contest to be on the cover of our mag called The Challenge. The last 30 days I decided to step it up & asked Rob to create a plan for me to bring in the Best Sports Model look for this 40 yr old. He did just that. His plan was simple & yummy! The OG Experience Family was also very supportive & encouraging. I ended my challenge in the Top 25 out of 800 plus entries. I was & still am happy w/ my lean & healthy look Rob has helped me create. Whatever your goals are Rob & The OG Experience will get you there & beyond.
— Drexel "SoDrexy" Long, Pro Athlete/Sports Model
I was first introduced to the OG Experience a year ago when I started my second 90 day challenge. This is a picture of that transformation in a short time. The photos speak for themselves. Rob’s ‘keep it simple’ approach and plans work. He incorporated my favorite supplement line, Visuals, as well. The amazing thing was it was much easier and less time consuming than expected. I know lifestyle changes are tough when starting out, but if you just stick with it, you will see small changes turn into big changes. I highly recommend the O.G. Experience.
— Ronald Ridgeway, client
Rob prepared me both physically and mentally for the challenges I would face while working in Afghanistan. He is an amazing trainer and an even more amazing person. I came home safe and part because of his training.
— US Government Embassy Security Officer (name withheld for security reasons)
If you need a customized meal plan that really works through simplicity and solid nutrition, Rob’s your Man!! I have been following Rob’s meals plans for two months and already have seen amazing results! And you just cannot beat the price!! Can you believe these results?
— Anthony Oliverez, client
Rob is awesome. A teammate and I worked with him in the summer before our stellar senior season at Wayne State University. He not only helped us develop swag and physical confidence, but he gave us a mental edge that got us to the next level. Now I wear a U.S.A jersey and proudly play for my country...Thank you Rob for your ‘keep it simple’ mantra and ‘believe in yourself’ style. I would not be where I am without the OG. He’s the best!
— Juanita Cochran, Team USA
As a life long athlete I found that hitting 50 was a milestone that I wanted to remember with the body I had as 20 year old. Right, sounds impossible. I was able to achieve this through a year long process that included exercise and improved nutrition. I was pretty happy with the results I obtained on my own. In June of 2014, as I was hitting 51 I decided to check out Rob. I saw all types of terrific results and thought I would take my nutrition to the next level. I am a pageant coach predominately in the area of Interview. I was looking for an affordable program for my students that would produce results and still keep them eating around the clock. I knew I would have to try it before I recommended it to them. I started June 1 and now can’t imagine ever changing my lifestyle to anything but this metabolism boosting method kept simple by Rob. I lost a total of 8 lbs—I didn’t think I wanted to and questioned Rob daily if I was eating enough. He just handled it the Rob method and said follow the plan. I dropped 4% body fat and at 51 weigh and feel like I did at 24. Is it complicated—no, is it simple- yes—does it take dedication- yes and is it worth it umm you will have to check out my pictures and decide for yourself!
— Laura Sommer Smith
I started my fitness life in 2003 and was a newbie, making mistakes left and right, BUT, learning from them. I hit a plateau in 2006 and then was rear ended by a drunk driver. Right before the accident, I pulled both bicep tendons out of their grooves and was pretty much a done deal. Refusing to give up I kept at it. But I now faced injuries and was frustrated how to get specific muscle groups to grow with the painful joint problems. I then met Rob Kean through a close friend and I asked Rob for ideas on other exercises to get my body to grow again, but avoid the pain I have been experiencing. Rob came through and today I am 42 years old and look better than ever. Without Rob’s ideas and guidance, I for surely would of given up from frustration. Thank you Rob for your help helping me achieve and exceed my fitness injuries and goals!
— Bob Mohr, client and fitness expert
I started my weight loss journey in August 2013 at 338 pounds. I hit a plateau after losing 52 pounds for two months when I was introduced to Rob. I’ve been working with Rob for about four months, as I’m working toward a hundred pound loss. With the OG plan I’ve lost 20 pounds for a total of 72 lost so far and over 38 inches. With Rob’s ‘keep it simple’ plan it’s easy if you put the work in. I’m also off of my blood pressure meds. I appreciate Rob’s heart and passion to help others and take time to personally support and motivate me.
— Leanne Rutherford, client
I started working with Rob half-way through my racing career; I wish I would’ve worked with him from the start. I made huge improvements within the first season; not only in my ranking/standing, but in my strength and confidence as well. One year later, I was in a severe racing accident. Had I not been in the physical condition I was in, the accident may had ended my racing career. The doctors gave me 8 months to heal and recommended me to never race again. I returned to working with Rob after just 3 months and ran my first marathon after 7 months. November 2010 marked the 8 months and my return to the Snow Cross track where I was faster, stronger, and more confident than when I had left; I owe it all to Rob. Please check out the ‘Videos’ tab to see the documentary of my story.
— Erika Rau, #517 Pro Snow Cross Racer

90 Days Later

HERE IT IS!! These are my 90 day results. The picture on the top was taken on March 19th. The picture on the bottom was taken last Monday (June 16). My weight really only changed about 20 pounds in these 90 days but my body composition changes were CRAZY!! I owe a lot of my success to Rob OG Kean for helping me take my nutrition and my physique to another level. This was by far my BEST CHALLENGE EVER! After always being the ‘chubby guy’ in the room, I will be entering a Fitness Model Competition with Voting starting tomorrow! I am so grateful and pleased with how simple Rob’s plans are when you simply follow them- they simply work!
— Brad Homewood, client
I joined the OG Experience after I lost my first 167 pounds, I just won BBV Team Champion for weight-loss, and everyone was asking me what was next. I wanted to take myself to a Fitness level and had really no clue how to get myself there. One of the other Champions shared how easy Rob’s plan was and I have been watching a handful of others getting awesome results. So I joined up, my first 3 days I dropped 5 pounds, by just following the simple meal plan, then I was down 7, finally getting those last stubborn 12 pounds off, then I started building lean muscle, in 6 months on his plan, I have lost 22 pounds, 16 inches, put on 3.4 pounds of lean muscle, and dropped 6 dress sizes. Plus after doing a fitness test, I’m ranked in the 90% group of being in very great shape. I am truly blessed to find this amazing simple but powerful group! Rob is the best at what he does.
— Rachel Groves, Body by Vi Champion and 100 lb loser
OG is my go-to guy when I’m conditioning for a big fight. There is no one better in the biz for athletes to train with than Rob. OG makes it happen.
— Matt Shaw, MMA Superstar fighter
Rob helped me develop more strength, speed and co-ordination in my game. He also helped instill in me the confidence I needed to push me to the next level, and into Big 10 basketball. I never thought I could learn swag from a 40 something white guy. OG’s got game.
— Trey McDonald, Ohio State basketball
Cutting a drug addiction and turning it into a food addiction and gaining nearly 150 pounds over a short amount of time, I’ve had mountains of battles to fight to become a better me and secure a healthy future for myself. I think back to my breaking point of becoming so out of breath simply by tying my own shoes. I remember back to my early battle of depression and eating disorders, and learning I could be borderline diabetic. I got to meet Rob through a friend, Rachel Groves. I had reached a plateau for a couple of months and knew with some of my fitness and weight loss goals I needed I take it up a notch. Due to Rob’s help, I have been able to cross the 200lb mark... and keep on pushing daily to make those goals I once had a reality. I now feel hopeful now knowing that someone else out there could be struggling with the same battles I did and that I could potentially impact their life for the better.
— Ron Hankey, client and 200 lb. loser
Growing up I was always the skinny kid with little athletic ability. As an adult working in radio and eating horribly that changed, and I went from looking like the “1” in the number 10 to looking like the “0”. When I met Rob and started working with him I was tired of the “false starts” to getting healthy. Using Robs simple plan for exercise and diet that incorporated my ViSalus products, I lost over 30 pounds, over 22 total inches, and 5 pants sizes in my first 90 days with him. To date I am down over 70 lbs and have dropped over 15% body fat. That is not the whole story though. Rob has given me an even greater gift in that he has helped me to see myself in a way I have never before, and given me a confidence and a belief I did not have. Rob focuses on the whole person, not just the physical. He is the best at what he does and you have nothing to lose but the weight and everything to gain. In short, OG rocks!
— Derek Broadbent, client
Rob found me in the gym one day, a “skinny fat” girl who desperately needed a life change. I told him after years of running I had just started lifting weights and wanted to do a body building competition. He agreed to train me. Rob encouraged me, pushed me hard and I held on to every word he said. Only a few months later my body had transformed into a lean muscle chick. I competed in the competition and received first place! My confidence and worth are at an all time high and my physically demanding job has become easier to manage. I am confident in saying The ‘OG’ Experience has changed the course of my life.
— Larison Snow, Law Enforcement Officer and client
This picture shows you what Rob helped me to do. That man is responsible for helping me hit my weight loss goal quicker than I expected. He is also responsible for teaching me how to meal prep and eat super clean. He helped save my life. It is amazing how easy his remote program is to follow. I live in California, and he is in Michigan, and I lost over 100 lbs without ever meeting him in person. I had my doubts, but my results speak for themselves. The OG Experience is definitely a program that builds the mind, body and soul. Thank you Rob! -
— Shannalyn DeeJay Martinez, 100 lb loser

"Rob is simply awesome."                 - Hulk Hogan, Fitness guru

When I started training with Rob I was recovering from a serious wrist injury. Due to the physical demands of my job, it was mandatory that I get into top shape for my safety. Rob helped me find ways to work around the pain and helped me into a full recovery. He also helped my wife slim down, reduce body fat, and build confidence, all within a short amount of time. We both could go on and on, but Rob is the real deal.
— Brian and Andrea Allen, clients
Rob’s remote training with a ‘keep it easy’ style helps me get in shape for my photo shoots and active lifestyle. After seeing how easy it is to use his plans I wouldn’t dream of using anyone else. I am so happy with my awesome results!
— Sydney Schauer, model and student
Rob has helped me rise through the ranks of professional racing and achieve huge results. Without his help I wouldn’t have been able to compete at this level- he helped me build confidence and hone my aggressive edge. His training has also helped me overcome injuries that are inevitable in this sport. I know I wouldn’t be able to heal as quickly or be back on the sled faster with anyone else.
— Kyle Rau, Professional Snow Cross Racer #325

Sherita Clawson

Matt Clawson

I’ve been active all my life, evening playing Division I soccer in college. Even though I worked out all the time, no one had ever put it all together for me until I met Rob. He made the diet simple and workouts challenging and that was what I needed.
My wife had been small all her life. However, once she reached her mid thirties she started to gain weight. She had never workout or been active in her life. She was able to put Rob’s plan into action with ease.
I think the results speak for themselves.
— Matt and Sherita Clawson
Rob’s simple plan helped me lose over 100 lbs. I was in a really dark place and on 13 prescriptions when I found the OG Experience, and through Rob’s coaching and support, I was able to regain my life. I am now off all medications and won’t look back at my past lifestyle: I am only looking ahead. Rob gave me my life back.
— Jill Pulos, 100+ lb loser and client
Now in my 80’s, a lot of folks my age have given up on their health. That was not an option for me. I found Rob in the gym and he has helped me maintain an active lifestyle. I had hernia surgery recently, and three weeks later was back in the gym, training and staying fit. I know Rob’s training helped me bounce back from surgery. Rob is a nice young man and I would recommend his services to anyone.
— Ellie Rhodes, client
When we met Rob we were both in a bad place. Over the course of his training, I (Mike) have lost over 100 lbs and kept it off- I also gained a toned physique that I’m proud of! Lauretta has slimmed down and now has a tight and toned body- There were some rough days when Rob had to coach us off the couch, but his constant encouragement and simple plans are two of the main factors in our transformations. We also won an Active Couples Championship Contest with ViSalus. We love you Rob!
— Mike and Lauretta, Active Couples Champions
When I walked into Rob’s gym almost two years ago, I was out of breath after walking up a flight of stairs. In a little over a year I lost around 120 lbs. and got my life back. Rob’s patient coaching and extremely effective methods of diet and training, plus my Vi Shakes, helped me become healthy, active, and full of energy. Rob is the real deal
— Dale Peake, Vi-Millionaire and 100+ lb loser
Rob has helped me go from a ‘thin’ to long, lean and strong frame. His plans can go anywhere, which is extremely helpful when I’m on the road- I can get awesome workouts whether I’m at home, in the gym, in a hotel, or have a few extra minutes outdoors. He has helped me increase my strength and confidence, which have manifested themselves throughout all aspects of my life. Trust me, there is no one better at what he does than Rob.
— Rebekah Rhys, musician and Non-Profit Director