Today society makes things tough on us . Juggling family events,jobs,parenting, etc. With this being said there doesn't seem to be enough me or free time for some to work on their own health and fitness goals . This is where the word prioritize comes in to play .Most have time to scroll through social media sites or stare at a TV .There is always a way .Prioritize-what is most important ? Sacrificing a few minutes of something that has no benefit to our health or future or using a few minutes to get more comfortable in our own skin .That choice is ours. Where there is a will there is a way .For instance soccer Mom's and Dad's - take a walk around the facility when waiting at practice .Getting up 15-20 minutes before your kids can also work .It only takes a few minutes a day to add days, months, or years on the end of your life .Prioritize for success and well being .