Limitations !!!

Most limitations are put on ourselves by ourselves .Over the past years of coaching and working with clients in the wellness industry I have come to realize the true meaning of " I can't ." The real meaning is "I don't want to ." I recently noticed a pregnant lady somewhere in the 7-8 month range at a gym doing REAL barbell squats with 155lbs. on the bar .That amazing act of no - limitations really set in .I thought of all the weight lifters who dodge the squat rack saying "I can't - my knees ." etc .This was  a real eye opener for me .Of course she felt discomfort and stress coming off the bottom of her squat .But she did not say "I Can't ." she defied " No limitations " So this blog is basically to share the fact that there are basically no - limitations !!! Don't limit your success .Be a winner - winners never quit and quitters never win . For a winning game plan always has a plan for you