Fear of the Unknown

Fear of the unknown :

     82% of society will shy away from things they don't know or understand .This is very true in the health and fitness industry .Most only do or practice what they were taught or see.For instance the average American practicing a diet for weight loss will continue to use the same style or method knowing they are not loosing a single pound .Others will go to a gym for hours and hours working away to go know where .Sometimes we need to take a look at ourselves and what we are doing .For instance : we don't really see too many extremely fit or very buffed type people at the gym we frequent .Because they are not there for very long .Results come from the levels of intensity we diet and train with . A shorter faster more intense workout would be more productive . Carb cycling diets are a very good method to keep from the yo yo thing happening .Most shy away from these styles - probably because they don't see others practicing these methods .Again people stick to what they know .To change we must change .For the unknown challenges that make it happen ogexperience.com has a plan for all levels .