Food Prep ...The main Factor in Fitness Success

Food Prep :

      Be prepared is well , how it works .Would you go to a gun fight with a switch blade ? Probably not .Or if you did it most than likely wouldn't work to your advantage .Some try to go meal to meal or "wing it " .Time after time it ends unsuccessfully .Taking time on a Sunday or a day off from the 9-5 to prepare meals in bulk for the week save time later and make for a success journey .The order of importance in the transformation fitness journey is as follows :

1 Food 

2 Rest 

3 Training 

When we are consistent in numeral uno simply works .If you were to ask a pro physique , bodybuilding, or bikini competitor "which would you be willing to miss more - a workout or a meal ? " The response would be a workout .So with that in mind - be prepared for success . for all your diet and training needs