The Best Cardio and Training Device Period

The Prowler is by far in my over 20 years of training the most effective device ever created .Most who have used one - don't stay consistent with training with one for the simple fact it rocks their world .For some magical reason the angle and design and physics of moving one "do the do" so to speak .To get the maximum benefit you need to have a special weight ratio .You have seen the videos of people with way too much weight on it - kinda the "how much you bench " thought process .Or you will see people with not enough weight moving at a snails pace .A medium weight pushed at a faster pace with some intensity will get you there .Strange after a great intense set the rush on the heart and lungs comes 20-30 seconds after your done pushing it. My personal experience with this device and some client accomplishments are amazing. From MLB Spring Training shuttle time record (with athlete who was the slowest on his high school team ),to multiple tackle records ,NCAA slam dunk Contest title , by far to many to list .The bottom line is seems as if trainers and athletes shy away from this with the thought "It's  just a sled " to them I say "put 2- 45lb. plates on and push it wide open for 30-50 yards .Add the prowler to your game for maximum results for easy to follow training and diet blue prints