The Treadmill aka The Dreadmill

The treadmill has been frequently called the dreadmill and not the most pleasurable part of some's training .For maximum results a downer mindset would not be beneficial .Our body does follow our mind .The same old thing creates the same old results .We see people walking away at the gym for hours and months later they still look the same .Most then likely their mindset is numb or dull .So if we approach the treadmill with an attack attitude our mental and physical responses are more positive creating positive results .As stated earlier in blog - doing the same thing creates the same results .So with this being said - do different things with the treadmill .Use the incline , switch speeds , sprint , walk , run .When we change our attack and don't let our body and mind get set or bored with the same stimulus it works .Put it in the mix and don't dread the tread.For consistently changing plans that work without the dread log onto