OG's Featured Client Transformation

Meet Mike and Lynn Kirn. That is, before they started their weight loss journey. Their story is an amazing one of perseverance, and their change has been dramatic. Hear what they have to say about how the OG plan changed their lives. 

Mike and Lynn before they decided to make a change. 

When did you start your fitness journey? 

Mike: November of 2013

Lynn: Which time?  I have always “tried” diets,  but got serious in 2008 when scales hit 415lbs and I was “too fat for weight loss surgery”.  First lap band 2009,  it prolapsed 4 times,  leaving me unable to even keep down water.  Revised in 2012,  again,  unhealthy foods slides through,  healthy foods are hard to eat… guess which one a fat woman eats??  No brainer!!!  Nov 2013 we started working with Rob and continue working with him today. Today:  LIFE IS GRAND ☺ 

What were your goals when you started? 


And what have been your results so far? 

Lynn: I have lost approximately 110 lbs. since being on the OG plan. 

Mike: I have lost 150 lbs total, around 110 lbs with just the OG. I feel great, and have confidence in myself. 

What is your favorite thing about the OG Experience? 

Mike: Just one? It's easy! It works! Rob is an awesome trainer!

Lynn: The keep it simple mentality. We get to pick the meat and veggies that we like. Rob counts everything (calories and the like) and uses carb cycling, and does all the thinking for us so we don't have to.  

What would you tell someone who was considering joining the OG Experience? 

Lynn: You won’t a more loving, affordable trainer on the market.  You are crazy if you don’t try him first. 

Mike: Today is a perfect day to start. Do it now!

Any last words? 

Mike: I really can't say enough good things about Rob. He's more than a trainer, I call him a friend. His heart is so big; I wonder how he keeps it in his chest. His passion to help people is off the charts. His "keep it simple" plans are just that- simple. If you can't follow what he sets before you, then you are just not trying. If there is anyone who says his plans don't work, they are lying. Just look at my results! 

Are you ready to see Mike and Lynn today? 

Mike and Lynn, Christmas 2015

Lynn, Rob and Mike, Jan 2015