3 Unexpected Ways to help stay Positive and Motivated Today

Fitness journeys are hard. The can be discouraging, frustrating, and isolating. Here are three ways I've found to keep positive energy around you, which will help you in whatever life pursuits you're working towards. 

1.  Maybe Mom was right? Make your bed as soon as you get out of it. This is the center focal point of your room that you get dressed and ready for your day in. If the center focal point is a mess, your mindset isn't clear and focused because you're starting in a mess. People who make their bed upon rising are 50% more likely to have a good and productive day. Build your day right from the start for success. Just remember, after a long day you come back to a mess or a clean, cozy place. Make your bed!

2. Keep your car very clean inside no matter if it is old or new. This clean environment can be a real mood enhancer on the way to work or the gym. Positive energy is a must. They say you can really define a person's character by the condition of the inside of their car. This is a generalization, but I find that most who have very clean cars are fit and very motivated and comfortable in their skin. Conversely, many people with messy cars often are disorganized. 

3.  Surround yourself with people who are motivated and confident. We are only as good as the company we keep. If you hang around people who are miserable and depressed, the bad energy will take its toll. Try to intentionally put yourself around people you would admire and want to emulate, and you will find yourself becoming more like them. Positivity breeds positivity.

Try making these three small changes and see what happens. You may be surprised at how much you brighten up. If you can adjust your immediate environment, it will help you stay motivated and you will become a better version of yourself!

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