Eat chocolate, lose weight!

New diet! Just in! Eat only chocolate and junk food, as much as you want and as often as you want and still lose weight! 

Except, that's not true. Sorry to get your hopes up. 

There is a ton of 'noise' out there about 'new' ways to lose weight and gain muscle by doing a lot of this, a little of that. And when you see the followers of these new plans a few months later... they look the same. 

In any physical transformation, there is a clear hierarchy of what will give you the best results. I will let you in on the real secrets to physical transformation: 

1.  Food

A good, clean diet creates more metabolic action then the other two elements combined. Our digestive tract and metabolism doesn't have to work if it has nothing to work on, so your NUMBER ONE factor to transform our fitness and health is food.

Imagine a fire. (In this scenario, a fire is your metabolism, fyi.) Starving a fire of what it needs to grow (oxygen and fuel) will have it burning out quickly. When you do not feed your body proper nutrition through food and do not feed it often enough, your 'fire' will die out. Your weight will plateau. You won't see the gains you want. Your body will not work the way it needs to.

Food can be pleasurable, but it also has to be purposeful.  Eating clean foods, and the proper balance of carbs, protein, nutrients and fats will give you the results you're looking for. Have you ever seen a bodybuilder or physique athlete before training for a show, and their drastic transformation in a month or two? You guessed it- they achieved it by eating the right food. 

2. Rest

When undergoing a physical transformation, more rest is needed to get the chin- dropping results then you might think. A well-rested body looks and performs at a much higher level. Think of how well you feel after a great night's sleep. Sleeping has a ton of benefits to the human body: it can reduce cortisol (stress) levels, elevate serotonin (the chemical that helps us feel good), and allows for muscle fiber repair. Well- rested and stress-free bodies are less likely to retain water, which helps the underlying muscles to look and feel better. Believe it or not, muscle fibers 'grow' during rest periods. If you're not seeing growth, you probably are doing too much. The rest period is more important that the working out period. Make sure when you begin working out that you plan for getting additional sleep and even some cat naps- even 20 minutes of rest can allow your body much needed repair and restoration. 

3.  Training

Training is the component that links the other two together. Good training splits are a must. You probably were taught that time in the gym is the most important, so it's time to unlearn that mentality. Think of your friends who go to the gym 5-7 days a week working away (and have been for years) and they still look the same. Now think of how many extremely fit people with stunning physiques you see at your gym: not many, because they are at home resting and preparing their meals! Gym time should be utilized wisely, and if you can get your cardio during your resistance training, you can cut your gym time down even further. 

So remember: Food first, then rest, then training. All the other advice is just noise. 

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