OG's Featured Client Profile

Happy New Year! New Year always prompts a re-examination of life's goals and self-evaluation in general. For me, I realized that I can talk about the OG plan until I'm blue in the face, but what would be even better is to hear from my clients across the globe and hear about their experiences and successes with the plan. So, this year, in between the informational posts and blogs, I'll be sending you client profiles for you to hear and learn from. Enjoy!

Our first featured client is Nicole B from Leesburg, Florida. Here's what Nicole had to say about her journey.

Nicole in September 2015 and Nicole on Jan 1, 2016

"I started my fitness journey in August of 2015, and I started working with Rob shortly after that, in September of 2015. My initial goal was to lose weight, but now it has changed to increasing muscle mass and decreasing my body fat percentage to 18%.  So far on this plan, I have lost 20 lbs., and have seen increased muscle mass, endurance and strength.! 

My favorite thing about the OG plan is the family feeling and the amazing motivation from Rob and each other. On my worst day my OG family can make me feel so much better! I am always talking about the OG Experience and spreading the good news about this amazing experience! 

My biggest challenge on this journey is staying away from salt: it is my weakness! But I am so happy with the results I've gotten and with Rob's plan. I look better than ever!" - Nicole

I am so proud of Nicole and her commitment this far... when you work the plan it works for you! If you're looking to transform your life this year, check out www.ogexperience.com to start today!

Nicole's transformation between September 2015 and Jan 2016.