Learn the one small secret to mastering the Squat .....

             The barbell squat can give both beginning and advanced clients a hard time. Knee pressure and lack of balance can create injuries and dropped weights. There is a large trend in knee surgeries for high school athletes lately, and I do believe the damage starts from improper form and lack of supervision in the high school weight room.

The secret to mastering the squat is proper form. Your power comes from the contact of your heels pressing into the floor. If your knees are anywhere but right over your toes, your are setting yourself up for injury. 

Try this exercise to master good form: walk up to a wall with your toes 3-4 inches away from the wall and attempt a squat without bobbling or hitting your head on the wall. At first this will seem impossible. Start by having your toes 10-12 inches away from wall and working them closer over a period of a few weeks. Doing this a few times a week will help you get more balance and extreme power in your squat, not to mention help perfect your form. This exercise also helps keep your knees in the correct position, because it's impossible to have your knees go over your toes without hitting the wall! Once you master this technique, you'll be surprised at how much more power you will gain. 

Try this simple technique and watch your squat improve! 

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