Achieving the long lean model look

Achieving the long lean model look is much easier than most make it .We are definitely products of what we eat ; enter old saying "we are what we eat ." Not eating is not the way to achieve the long lean model look .Eating leaner meats and whole grains would work much better .Most put to much stock in the carbless approach .Think of a horse or race horse who is all muscle and lean - they eat almost all grains/carbs .So when they are added in the right levels and times they work very well .Training is made very complicated as well : for the long lean look you would not want to use very many weights and stick to body weight type resistance . A balanced diet and 20 mins of basic exercise could achieve this look quicker than the over complicated approach most use to never achieve this look .For very easy to follow plans that can help you achieve this look give the O.G. Experience a try