Choosing a Trainer? 4 Must-Follow Tips

Have you ever considered hiring a personal trainer? Perhaps you’re unhappy with your current weight, or perhaps you have a fitness goal or challenge you’re looking to meet. There is one person who can help you achieve your goals: a personal weight loss coach. 

These days, there are plenty of ways to get weight loss information (read: Google or well-meaning friends on Facebook), and plenty of people hoping to give you the type of information they think you’ll need to achieve your goals (read:trainers at your gym). Hiring a trainer is the best solution to finding a personalized mix of diet and fitness advice that can give you stellar results. The reason a weight loss coach is an ideal choice for diet and training are their unique skill sets learned in the classroom AND practiced in the real world. Here are some things you want to consider when hiring your personal trainer.

1. Does my weight loss coach have real results to share? 

Always ask a trainer for references and transformation photos, as well as testimonials from people they’ve helped. A good weight loss coach will be happy to share their portfolio of results and explain how they can help you create those results as well! Don’t trust what a weight loss coach says, have them show you!

2. Does my weight loss coach have a degree or certification that shows they’re an expert in their field?

Any weight loss coach worth the money will have passed some level of certification or area of study to make them competitive in their field. Ask your fitness professional and they should be able to share with you their levels of certification.

3. Will your weight loss coach be able to work within your limitations and schedule? 

At the end of the day, you will only find success in a plan that is customized to you. While many coaches work off of a template, it is recommended to find a weight loss coach that can tailor a plan to meet your needs. Don’t have a gym membership? Have food allergies? How about an injury you’re recovering from or mobility restrictions? Make sure to give your weight loss coach all of this information and ask if they will be able to customize a plan to give you the results you’re looking for. Consider it a red flag if you’re looking to start at a beginner level and a weight loss coach gives you information better suited towards a pro athlete. It’s important to build communication and trust with your trainer, as you will be working with them for the duration.

Many fitness professionals only work within a specific geographic area, but a few cutting-edge trainers are beginning to work in the digital field, and can work with you despite travel or where you are located. If you are able to find a weight loss coach that works remotely, consider yourself lucky! A remote trainer truly is working at the cutting edge of their field and are often able to create a cost savings for you, because they don't have to work from a particular gym.

4. Does your weight loss coach have 10 or more years of experience? 

Every trainer has to start somewhere, but assuring your coach has many years of experience keeps you from having to be a guinea pig. Once a coach has worked with many people and found success, it is easier for them to create success for you as well. They say it takes 10 years of practicing any sort of craft before someone can become an expert in their field, so find an expert weight loss coach, and you will find expert results!

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