10 Diet Mistakes You Might Be Making

1- Low Fat & Non-Fat Are Good.

When fat is removed from a food, something has to be added to put flavor back into it. Enter artificial sweeteners and modified starches. You’re better off eating a naturally full-fat product than ingesting these artificial additives.

2- Starch Vs. Vegetable.

Potatoes, winter squashes, corn, and peas do not count as vegetables when looking at the Healthy Plate. Because of their sugar content, these vegetables are actually considered part of your starch category.

3- Artificial Sweeteners Are OK For Diabetics.

Recent research is revealing the ugly truth about artificial sweeteners and their effects on blood sugar levels. These products perpetuate a craving for sugar, which leads to increased consumption and increased insulin levels.

4- Eggs Are Bad For Cholesterol

Eggs have gotten a bad rep, when in reality they are a true wonder-food! This has more to do with the ostracizing of all fats, not eggs in particular. Eggs are a great source of healthy fats, and are packed full of health promoting fat-soluble vitamins, that without the consumption of the yolk itself, would not be absorbed (vitamin A for example). On top of all that, they are the gold standard for protein to which all other forms of protein are compared.

5- Processed Foods.

Chose foods that most closely resemble their natural state by shopping the perimeter of the grocery store and avoiding products that have artificial sweeteners, colorings, preservatives and additives.

6- Everyone Should Be Gluten Free.

Gluten is a protein that is found in such products with wheat, barley, rye and some oats. If you are not Celiac or do not have a gluten intolerance/allergy you may actually be missing out on nutrients found in products containing these ingredients. If you do not medically need to be gluten-free, there is no need to be gluten-free.

7- If I Exercise I Can Eat Whatever I Want.

Even if you work out regularly, diet is still an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Eating too much and an unbalanced diet can derail any good done through exercise.

8- Fruit Juice Does Not Count As A Serving of Fruit.

Unless you have squeezed the oranges yourself, fruit juice does not count as a serving of fruit. Fruit juices are packed with added sugars and lack one of the most important parts of the fruit – the fiber, which gets lost when the pulp of the fruit is separated out from the juice.

9- Carbs Are Bad.

Glucose, which is found in starchy foods, is the primary fuel source for the body and the brain. The trick is avoiding heavily processed carbohydrates and simple sugars. Instead, get your fuel through fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

10- Drinks Don’t Factor Into My Daily Calorie Budget.

Soft drinks (even diet!!), coffee, teas, juice, milk, flavored waters, wine, beer, alcohol, and even kombuchas add a significant amount of calories to a person’s diet every day. Try to minimize these drinks and increase your water intake to avoid excess calorie intake.

Source article: http://adurolife.com/10-healthy-eating-misconceptions/