You're Wasting Your Time in the Gym if You're Not Using This Technique

So, you spend hours on the treadmill, days in classes, months lifting heavy weights and for all the time and money, your pants still fit the same. Ugh, brutal, right? 

What if I told you that you can reduce your time in the gym while at the same time accelerate your results? Enter the OG preferred method of working out. 

It's called Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) and it's basically the 'mack daddy' of training methods. describes it this way:  "MRT, a.k.a. "metabolic resistance training," might as well be called "madman training." It's no-holds-barred, haul-ass, maximum-effort, build-muscle, heave-weight, torch-fat, absolutely insane huff-n-puff training. It'll spike your metabolism, crush calories like beer cans, lift your lactate threshold, boost your ability to make muscle, and maximize your body's capacity for change."

The reason this is a preferred method is because it gives you the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic workouts at the same time! 

Here's a quick tutorial about aerobic vs anaerobic workouts: Aerobic (typically referred to as cardio) only provides you benefits while actively doing that particular exercise. So, when you're doing a class, you are getting heart and circulatory benefits, but once that class is done, so are the benefits. 

Anaerobic activity (read: weight resistance training) gives you benefits longer over time as your muscles repair themselves from the exertion you've put them through. Weight resistance training can give you benefits for up to 38 hours after the exercise has been completed. 

MRT, essentially, asks that you do a set (15-20 reps) at a quick pace with minimal rest between one set and the next. MRT often employs supersets, where you move quickly between two exercises that engage opposite yet similar muscles (such as biceps/ triceps). You will repeat these quick sets until close to failure and then move to the next set. 

The key is to keep it moving. You should be out of breath once each set is completed, and you should feel like you're very close or have achieved failure. This is not the leisurely weight lifting you may be used to. The goal is to get a muscle pump and get the heart rate up simultaneously. You should be able to complete your whole workout in 20-30 minutes and you'll know if it has worked... because you'll be tired.

I don't know about you, but I hate spending more time than I have to at the gym. Using MRT helps maximize my benefits and my time. What more could you ask for? 

As always, consult a trainer for the best type of workout plan for you, but if you have weight resistance training in your plan, using MRT is your best bet for breaking those plateaus and seeing results! 

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