Facebook and Your Fitness Journey

Ooooh, this one might get a bit controversial! 

You all have that friend that posts all the time about their workouts, their protein shakes, their new running shoes, their 'gym pic selfies' and all of that fitness stuff every day. And then a few feelings emerge, but one bubbles to the surface: Comparison. 

Comparison is the enemy of progress. We look at others and we examine their workout gear, their form at the gym, their body structure, the amount of weight they're lifting, and we compare. Comparison is a gateway feeling that can lead to judgement, frustration, anger, and a whole litany of other nasty little words. 

But guess what? Someone else's progress has NOTHING to do with you. Let me repeat. You can say it with me: Someone else's progress has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with you! If you are a person who gets motivated by seeing fellow weight loss friends kicking some major butt in the gym, then enjoy the photos! But the negative side of comparison never leads to anything good. 

How about this? The OG Group page is meant for an accountability tool and informational tool for YOU. But it only works for you if you work it. If you sit back on your heels and watch other's photos and progress, and don't engage, you will find your progress will not be as great. The OG group is a safe group- everyone is on their own individual journey, but we're all in this together. You probably don't look like you want to eventually look today. But that's ok... that's why this is a journey. 

Don't post your gym pic because you want a pat on the back- post your pic because you know that you're joining with your fellow OG folks on a journey to change and health. Don't post your gym pic because you feel confident in your own skin- post your gym pic because it's proof that you went and put in the work. Don't post a gym pic because you've arrived at your 'after' photo- post your gym pic because you are showing your 'today' photo. 

Fitness is a journey. It is YOUR journey. It only works if YOU do the work. Having a team of people cheering you on is what the OG page is about. But at the end of the day, it is a tool for YOU to see success. It's so easy to talk the talk, but when you post those gym pics and progress pics and meal pics you are proving to YOURSELF that you are working the plan and keeping accountable. Your journey isn't for anyone else but you.