The Missing Link in your Transformation Plan

So you know my top 3 of transformations: 1) Food, 2) Rest and 3) Exercise. But there is one more important component to talk about that can take your training and transformation to the next level. Any guesses? 

This fourth element helps keep you on track, provides accountability, pushes you harder in the gym and busts your excuses. Give up? 

Training and accountability partners are the missing element for many to help them stay on track. It's easy to miss an 'appointment' at the gym when no one is waiting for you, but it's harder to let someone else down. It's easy to sneak a bite or two of something that's not on plan, but it's harder when someone is going to ask you about your daily successes and failures. If you can find a training partner, they can help push you harder in the gym than you would push yourself. Friendly competition can do wonders for your gains.

Everyone is motivated by different things, but I have found that a good partner creates the best kind of accountability and competition that can push things to the next level. And it's not a given that this person be your significant other- I have plenty of clients who would do better having an 'outside' person (friend, co-worker) be their training partner rather than their spouse. Examine your personal circles and see who is on track to help make healthier commitments, someone who is reliable and consistent, and someone who can be encouraging and supportive. This relationship will be important, so choose wisely!

The OG group page is a great resource to use as accountability as well. It may even be a way to have a 'virtual' accountability partner- someone who you know will check in with you despite being in another state. The OG family has known to produce many virtual relationships, and that is what it is for! Check in daily and keep close to the page for motivation and accountability. 

No matter how you choose a training partner, or what that relationship looks like, make sure to utilize this 4th 'missing' element to see optimal results!