4 Tips to Help you Navigate Your Hormones

Ladies, this post is for you. 

Hormones can wreak havoc on the body, especially in different times of the month. Women's bodies are constantly in flux in terms of when their hormones are peaking and waning, and I give you ladies a lot of props for being able to handle the ups and downs. 

Here are a couple of tips and pieces of info you can use to help even out these peaks and valleys so that your results and body can remain on a more consistent and even scale. 

When your estrogen and progesterone levels are unbalanced in the body, this is when you can experience unwanted symptoms, such as bloating, mood changes, temporary water weight gain, cramps, and more. (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about). Here are four tips to help you keep your body in balance.

1. Stress.

Stress is a huge disruptive factor of your hormones. When you are stressed, your body increases cortisol levels, which in turn increase estrogen levels and can cause lots of nasty symptoms. If you want to remain on an even keel, regulating your stress levels is a must. There are many ways to do this, whether it's journaling, yoga, talk therapy, exercise, EFT self-clearings, etc. Know your body and develop effective ways to help you manage stress. You can't avoid stressful things, but you can adjust how you react to them when they come. Find a management technique and put it into practice. 

2. Exercise.

Exercise lowers estrogen levels that are circulating in the body. Your body receives a ton of benefits from exercise, but its estrogen-managing abilities are an added bonus. You feel great after you exercise due to lowered stress levels, building muscle, and boosted energy levels. And here's something you may not know: after the ovaries, the top producer of estrogen in the body is fat cells. Eliminating fat cells through exercise also reduces the amount of extra estrogen in your body, which will help reduce those unwanted side effects. 

3. Fiber.

Eat those green veggies! A high-fiber diet helps rid the body of estrogen, which can bring the body back into balance. Staying regular will help you stay more even. Make sure you are eating 28 grams of fiber every day! Steaming green vegetables helps retain the nutritional properties in veggies while keeping the beneficial fiber intact. If you still are not receiving enough fiber in your diet, you can always utilize a high-quality fiber supplement as well. 

4. Fatty oils.

Your body needs good fats to run at optimal function. Fats are especially good for keeping communication between cells highly optimized, and help your brain function. (You ever feel foggy when you're experiencing hormonal symptoms? This could be why.) Utilizing a fatty oil supplement can help reduce oxidative stress in your body, which can, in turn, lower excess estrogen levels and help you feel more like yourself. 

Hormones don't have to be the enemy. Staying consistent with these few tips can make the difference between a 'dreaded' week and a week where you feel like your hormonal system back in balance.