Just a Little Bite...

Let me tell you right now- dieting is hard. It takes a ton of planning, mental discipline and straight willpower. While my diet plans may be simple, I can also say they are not easy. But the reason they work is because of a precise blend of proteins, fats and carbs, that are scientifically proven to work through different signals sent to the pancreas. Sound like Greek? That's ok. I've done the thinking for you so all you have to do is follow.  

But I have to address a habit I see a lot of that completely derails a meal plan in a very subversive way... the 'cheat bite.' 

It takes burning 3500 calories to lose 1 lb of fat. There are some other factors at play, but basically this means input decides results. And when you take a cheat bite or two, every day, you're going to end up in trouble. Picture this: A bite of food that is not on your plan can range from 30-200 calories, depending on content and size of the bite. If you take two bites a day of something not on plan, you're adding up to 400 calories to your food intake. After a week, you've added 2800 unnecessary calories to your diet. In two weeks you're at 5600 calories and instead of taking in your necessary calories to achieve your weight loss or fitness goal, you've actually ADDED weight. 

A little bite is not harmless. It may seem small, but in the scheme of things, even that one 'little bite' will be your downfall. Set your mindset, and keep your fork pointed at the right foods. They are your goals, after all. Don't sabotage yourself- you CAN achieve what you want if you really want it.