Take Action and Conquer

Taking action or actually doing what you need to is how things happen .Taking action can be a missing piece to many peoples unsuccessful  journey to a major goal .White board game plans ,motivational quotes, and social media post are only the outer layer .You have to take action .Put the thoughts and words into action and success will come one day at a time . For the easy to follow blue prints that create action see ogexperienc.com/333

No Half Way ...

Half way attempts do not get us half the results .In most all diet and training programs you must go all in to achieve your desired results .This is just how it works .Our bodies are machines that respond from different parts doing their thing .When we only use some of the parts the others don't respond .So go all in and anything is possible .ogexperience.com for the all in easy to follow blueprints .


Today society makes things tough on us . Juggling family events,jobs,parenting, etc. With this being said there doesn't seem to be enough me or free time for some to work on their own health and fitness goals . This is where the word prioritize comes in to play .Most have time to scroll through social media sites or stare at a TV .There is always a way .Prioritize-what is most important ? Sacrificing a few minutes of something that has no benefit to our health or future or using a few minutes to get more comfortable in our own skin .That choice is ours. Where there is a will there is a way .For instance soccer Mom's and Dad's - take a walk around the facility when waiting at practice .Getting up 15-20 minutes before your kids can also work .It only takes a few minutes a day to add days, months, or years on the end of your life .Prioritize for success and well being .

Time Management for Healthy Living ...

Today as humans we tend to have busier schedules than we would like .So often we make the statement "I don't have time to workout or food prep " . If we step on the other side of the mirror so to speak or look back in time - we made time to do the things that were not so healthy .So with that in mind ; we can all make time .The bottom line is there are no excuses - we can make time for the things we really want .How bad do we want it ? Make time and in time you will reach your goal .For easy to follow mobile app diet and fitness plans ogexperience.com always time .

Positive Energy Creates Positive Results .

Always keeping a positive attitude can be one of the most important pieces to ones transformation puzzle .Our body follows our mind as we have learned through previous blogs .A great way to keep positive energy in day to day situations we have no control over is ; to self talk .These words are very powerful and enlightening "Things could always be worse" Those are the words that keep us grateful and focused .Positive energy and forward motion can keep us from tripping over things behind us .Things always work themselves out with positive energy .Stay positive and you will positively reach your goal . ogexperience.com for plans that keep positive energy flowing .

Less Stress via Fruits and Vegetables

Studies show that adults who eat five to seven daily serving  of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis reduce their risk of stress by 23 percent .Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants such as vitamins C and E , which help age related inflammation - this condition can be detrimental to mental health . Also deficiency of B vitamins like folic acid (vitamin B9 ) influence mood regulation - which can be linked to depression .Citrus fruits ,strawberries , or bell peppers for vitamin C ; bananas and avocados for vitamin B ; and green leafy vegetables for vitamin E are good choices to maintain a lower stress level .

Expectancy Theory For Success

Expectancy Theory (or expectancy theory of motivation) definition ; proposes an individual will behave or act in a certain way because they are motivated to select a specific behavior over other behaviors due to what they expect the result of that selected behavior will be .With this in mind - your body will follow your mind and what you believe .If you are doing a life change or seeking a goal -believing and knowing you will reach this goal or make this change will get you there .You will make the right steps when motivated by the fact that you know you will be successful .The first step is knowing and believing .Things are only impossible until we do them .For easy to follow plans and coaching that help you use this technique log onto ogexperience.com/333 


Eating Clean and Still Bloated ?

Eating clean and still keeping that extended midsection ? Can't seem to lose the spare tire ? Well there are certain foods that are healthy but may not digest well with some .These foods are called FODMAP foods .Some of these foods will surprise you .You can obtain a full list of these foods that could be the source of your bloating or stomach that won't go away by simply googling FODMAP foods .For diets that include low FODMAP foods if you have issues, ogexperience.com is always a good source

Limitations !!!

Most limitations are put on ourselves by ourselves .Over the past years of coaching and working with clients in the wellness industry I have come to realize the true meaning of " I can't ." The real meaning is "I don't want to ." I recently noticed a pregnant lady somewhere in the 7-8 month range at a gym doing REAL barbell squats with 155lbs. on the bar .That amazing act of no - limitations really set in .I thought of all the weight lifters who dodge the squat rack saying "I can't - my knees ." etc .This was  a real eye opener for me .Of course she felt discomfort and stress coming off the bottom of her squat .But she did not say "I Can't ." she defied " No limitations " So this blog is basically to share the fact that there are basically no - limitations !!! Don't limit your success .Be a winner - winners never quit and quitters never win . For a winning game plan ogexperience.com always has a plan for you 

Making it happen on the road

Hotel rooms and small fitness rooms at hotels and condos when on trips can make for great workouts .Most gym rats will say there isn't enough equipment or weight to get it done .But in all reality things can get more intense then they can handle .For instance legs would be a muscle group they would say can't be stimulated enough in these situations - super sets of sissy squats and continuous lunges for 30-60 seconds could get you very sore for a few days .Other muscle groups can be stimulated as well .For chest you could set a goal of a large amount of push ups in a short period of time .These type movements can be great for change and take it easier on the joints .It is possible to make it happen on the road . When in these situations you could search for exercises without weights  or message for details  on how to obtain a quick workout without weights through  ogexperience.com  

Focus for Success....

Staying focused on your fitness or health  goal and keeping a clear path can be challenging .With fitness now being a very big industry and always present on social media you can easily get side tracked with other opinions or styles .This is the point where you must stay focused on your plan you are following .All styles primarily work if you follow them closely without using pieces of other styles or listening to noise you will hear from others .Yes some styles work better then others , but no matter what path you are following you must follow closely staying focused keeping friendly tunnel vision .There will be critics and know betters - just stay focused and your results will be much better ...... ogexperience.com for the easy to follow plans that work .

The Basics Still Work

As time goes on things seem to be becoming more complicated then needed . The basics used by Arnold and Frank Zane worked back then and they still do .A combination of food ,rest, and training are the basic elements needed .Reading fitness and diet articles in today's world have most confused and pushed towards high dollar supplements .Today training styles ,techniques and diets are very complicated and hard to figure out .Seems as if fitness gurus are always trying to create some new style or more effective technique/science to achieve better results .But if you think back to the old school sayings like "If it is not broke don't try to fix it " or "We are what we eat " are so very true . I guess the reason for this blog is to share the fact that the basics still work .So give yourself a break and keep it simple . ogexperience.com for the basics that still work .

Kettlebell Swing Cleans

Kettlebells are a great way to add some fun and variety to your workouts .Your muscles and lower back will thank you for the change of pace by getting stronger along with your hips and core .The kettlebell swing clean is a great total body exercise . It is broken into two parts .The first part is the hip drive powered by your lower back , glutes and hamstrings . The second part is the pull where your rhomboids and trapezius come into play .Your posterior deltiods and bicep also come into play . Give this great movement a try in your next session . ogexperience.com for custom training that adds these type movements for variety .

Consistency - The Missing Link

Consistency is by far the missing link in most fitness and weight loss journey's . In today's society with social media so present most people want immediate results and gratification .We often forget sometimes that the current state or situation we are in ,took time to create or end up in .For instance : eating a clean diet for three weeks would not be in balance or outweigh three years worth of unhealthy eating  , or working out for three months will not get the results of three years worth .The common link between most all success stories is consistency .Staying consistent for twenty four hours at a time is a easier way to reach your goals .No matter how large your dream is or how outrageous your goal may be - stay consistent and there will be no missing link .For extra support and plans that help you stay consistent ogexperience.com is always a great link .


In today's world there are many different resources for self improvements .There are coaches , trainers , advisers , etc. Seems as if everyone wants to be a life coach , trainer/fit coach , motivator , or entrepreneur , or social media celebrity . Choosing the right resource can be overwhelming  or complicated ;because most styles contradict each other . Most times all we need are some easy to follow blueprints and motivation with support .Most of us overlook the true fact that we are our own best resource .No one knows what we need to do better then ourselves .Now we sometimes need that reinforcement and reminder of what we already know .The best coaches and self improvement advocates will tell you "just do it " BE YOUR BEST RESOURCE .....listen to yourself ......you know your needs ......For easy to follow blueprints that help you do what you already know you need to do log onto ogexperience.com/333 

Never Bad Days

For positive results in any journey we partake in we must be very positive and optimistic .Our bodies follow our minds .Put your mind in a negative state and your body will follow with negative energy and posture .A simple rule that sometimes isn't so simple to follow is "Never bad days only bad moments. " Moments quickly pass . For the most part :the killer of positive energy and great optimism seem to be life issues or life on life's terms .When in these moments we must stay bright and remember we have been in tight situations before and things always worked out .Things will always work themselves out when we use the only bad moments theory .So when looking to make positive improvements keep a positive mindset .For diet and training plans that come with great positive coaching see ogexperience.com/333 

Do Different Things to Look Different

Things are much simpler then most think .So you go to gym to train .....seems as if the general gym enthusiast society all do merely the same type things from attire to training style ,their walk etc .Now these people we do the same things as - don't look much better then we do .It is very rare to see someone at a gym that has the look and hard physique that makes you think" I wanna be like them ." The truth is ..these people do things a bit different .You don't see them at gym much cause the are not there much ....intense training only .Most then likely they are doing completely different lifts and weights then everyone else too. To look different you must train different .Be different and it happens .Go hard to look hard #Bdifferent ogexperience.com for the diffrence maker .

Cortisol "the stress hormone"

Cortisol is a life sustaining adrenal hormone essential to the maintenance of homeostasis .Called "the stress hormone ," cortisol influences , regulates or modulates many of the changes that occur in the body during it's response to stress including ; and not limited to :

Blood Sugar

Fat , Protein ,and Carbohydrate metabolism to maintain blood glucose

Anti-inflammatory actions

Heart and Blood Vessel tone and contraction

Central Nervous System activation

Cortisol levels fluctuate throughout the day and night in a circadian rhythm  that peaks  at 8 am and reaches it's lowest levels at 4 am .So staying low stress keeps your rhythm in balance and is best for your weight loss or muscle gain transformation .Lower cortisol levels also can keep you from experiencing fatigue .

For easy to follow and stress free diet and training packages tour diet and training packages at ogexperience.com


Quantity vs. Quality

Getting the most out of your training sessions comes from the level of intensity you train with .Some go to the gym for hours .Some are there for one hour or less .Most then likely the ones who are there for more then an hour are larger and softer looking .Look at it like this - if someone does the same volume or close to the same as someone who was there for hours in one hour ; who got a better workout ? Many make the gym a long social event .In all reality our body style reflects our training style .One who trains long heavy and slow will look heavy and slow .One who trains hard a bit faster and intense will look hard and intense .Then you have the mass building phase excuse .Growing leaner takes a real humble type "gym rat" this seems to be better in the end though .Having to diet for 18-20 weeks wondering what you have underneath can be a long stressful process .Growing lean size into a show can be very rewarding .Standing next to someone on stage who was thirty pounds bigger then you all year is now in your same class completely exhausted and you are lean and stronger .The message to be delivered here is ..it is about quality time and extreme pumps not quantity of time spent in gym .The magic happens in two other areas of life - 1 food 2 rest and the 3rd component is training .So blast your workouts and spend more quality time working on the other two components and you will see quality is by far more worth then quantity . ogexperience.com for all your diet and training needs at all levels