This website could change your life.

You're going to tell me you need $100's of dollars, a gym membership, better childcare, better willpower, better knees, more time, less stress, more energy and a more supportive partner before you can get started achieving your goals. I'm here to break those excuses. 

At the OG Experience we keep it simple. You get your diet and exercise plans emailed right to your computer. I'm always here to answer questions and provide you with as much motivation as you need. You get to be a part of an online community of people who are achieving goals alongside you. And you will see results. How big can you dream? Welcome to the OG Experience.

A Note from Rob- My philosophy:

The reason I began is to bring my simple and effective training to anyone, at any time, across the country. An in-person training session with me starts at $100 a session. However, I realize that not everyone is able to make that financial commitment. This is why I offer my packages online at a deep discount: because I believe everyone should have access to excellent training and diet advice, regardless of their financial place in life. This separates me from other trainers: I don't just want a few clients who pay top dollar, but many clients who will see results and see their lives changed. And our OG army is growing- check out my testimonial page to see clients just like you who have changed their lives through the OG plans. No one should feel uncomfortable in their own skin. This is my mission.